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Women in an officeA Woman’s Place is for women who are not trying to have it all but just trying to make it work.

A generation of women have been sold the dream that we can have it ‘all’ – a fantastic career, happy family and fulfilling relationship. As well as all that, we were told we could be thin, perfectly groomed and have a cracking social life with all our friends too.

It was a big,fat lie. The reality is, we can’t have it all but we can have a lot. It’s just something has to give.

That may be giving up your career, not having kids or settling for a scruffier house because you simply don’t have the time. Maybe the sacrifices are leaving you unhappy – you may feel unfulfilled, over-stretched or unappreciated. Juggling your life may sound fun in the magazines but what are the real costs to women’s lives. Have you had to give up on something you dreamed of or areĀ  you clinging on by your fingertips, attempting to please everyone?

This site aims to explore the lives that real women in the UK are living, what compromises they have made, how they manage their work-life balance and what tips they can give to others to make life simpler and more fun for everyone.

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