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What do we show our children?

In Uncategorized on January 28, 2013 at 4:41 pm

I’ve just had a good chat with a friend. She had a top-notch job in finance before having her children. Since moving out of London, she’s dedicated her life to bringing up her children. She’s made that decision with her husband and it’s what she thought was best for her family.

Now she feels she ought to get a job, to show her daughter and son a good example. She doesn’t want them to think that a woman’s job is at home while a man goes out to work. In reality, as she points out, she does have a job – childcare – she’s just not paid for it as it is her own children. If she took in some children as a childminder, then she would have a job.

I have similar issues. I tell my¬†children about the great job I had in the past but she has no evidence of it. I battle hard not to point out that the mothers who do work full-time are not there when their children come home from school. I don’t want to be judgemental but I know, for me, that wasn’t the answer.

My mother worked in the City before giving up work for a while to have children. She subsequently worked in a much lower-skilled job, which was probably a waste of her talents. Yet, I work from home, get little status from the work I do and definitely few public pats on the back. I feel embarassed about the work I do now, rather than proud, though the reasons I do take less enjoyable work is for my children.

The sacrifice is there but I can’t burden my children with that knowledge. Meanwhile, what do I tell them about what Mummy does for a job?

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