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Woman’s Hour – If money were no object, would you go to work or stay at home?

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Jane Garvey (copyright BBC)

An interesting debate on Woman’s Hour today posing the question, ‘If you had the money to choose, would you stay at home or go to work?’

The two women interviewed Lorraine Candy, Editor in Chief of British Elle and columnist for the Daily Mail, and journalist and novelist Lucy Cavendish,are inevitably well-off with great careers, fantastic supportive husbands and with four children each.  Of course, they defend their working while wishing they could also be there for their kids. It always seems that the most successful women are as agonised by their choice as the rest of us.

My reaction to the question was that I’d probably end up doing exactly what I do anyway, which is muddle along, hoping to get interesting work and at the same time, being as available as possible for my children. If I won the lottery, once I’d had lots of facials, bought lots of clothes and been on some fancy holidays, I’d probably want to set up some sort of business. I think work is simply vital for everyone.

Anyway, have a listen to the interview and tell me what you would do if you could choose?

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