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Is there a gender bias in the culture world?

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Working in the arts and heritage industry is often seen as a more women-friendly environment but it seems that maybe pay is not equal even there.

As part of the Guardian’s Women in the Arts week, they have launched a poll to discover if women are paid less than their male contemporaries.

The arts and heritage world – galleries, theatres, and so on – has a tradition of being very female-dominated. For many women, they can seem like dream jobs, working in stimulating and beautiful environments, discussing issues with higher values such as art, philosophy and history. Yet for all the lovely environment, it’s not all about great cafes and cupcakes. Women should be earning as much as their male counterparts. Knowing about fine art is as much a  specialist skill as knowing about engineering but it’s not perceived as such.

Unfortunately, the figures of women working echo many other work environments. There are less women in the top jobs in the arts world than men. They simply begin to drop out as they move up the ladder.

The Guardian article says:”

Arts Council England’s NPO Equality Impact Assessment also shows the percentage of women employed drops the further up the pay scale you go.

Research agreed that women are not only more qualified than men in the arts, but their overall numbers are increasing. However, Clore’s Women in leadership in the creative and cultural sector report finds 2.5 male leaders to every female leader and that women are outnumbered by men in the most senior roles.

Are women dropping out of the career race because of family commitments? Does a career break when starting a family allow men to leapfrog them on the careeer ladder or do women  prefer to work at a level they feel comfortable in, rather than push for the top?  The Guardian hopes to investigate some of these issues in the coming week to see if they can discover the answers.

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